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Halftone Cityscape

      Sup3r8 (pronounced Superb), born Carlton Marshall, is a modern American pop

music artist and producer. Based in Nashville, he is part of a family musical legacy

dating back to the historic Night Train to Nashville movement on Jefferson Street

in the mid-20 the Century. His father, Carl Marshall, was a popular R&B artist whose

classic songs and beats have been sampled by hip-hop artists like Kanye, The

Weekend, and several more.

      Sup3r8’s unique sound comes from his lifelong immersion in a wide array of

eclectic influences from old and new-school popular music. This, coupled with his

humanitarian vision for racial and cultural unity through musical diversity is the

driving force in his life and art.

     In addition to music, Sup3r8’s art crosses into fashion design. Hand-painting much

of his own wardrobe, the inspired visuals underscore his spirituality, while paying

homage to many of his heroes. His art is his life and his life is his art.

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